Effective Waterless Wheel Cleaning -
The Green Alternative to Wheel Washing, Bath and Spray systems

Constructionline logoThe DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Wash unit is a highly effective and cost reducing system for removing mud and debris from the wheels and undersides of vehicles exiting construction, quarry, landfill and re-cycling sites. The patented V-Tech Bar system provides efficient wheel cleaning along with great environmental and economic benefits.

Environmental benefits:

  • No water waste, no watercourse contamination, no freezing in winter
  • No diesel use, so no emissions
  • No (or much less) road sweeper requirement, so again, less diesel emissions
  • No concrete sump installation
  • No queues of vehicles waiting for the “man with the lance”, engines idling, creating emissions

Economic benefits:

  • No (or much less) road sweeper hire
  • No down time
  • No pump
  • No generator
  • No fuel
  • No bowser
  • No lance
  • No man to operate the lance !!!

With 60% less surface area than other raised grid wheel cleaning devices, it doesn't clog up and exacerbate the problem. Installation can take less than an hour and the unit can be repositioned as the site extends.

Practical Benefits:

  • No build up of sedimentary slurry that you get with a wheel wash
  •  No pressure wash
  •  No breakdowns.


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