Helping You Achieve Net-Zero

You’d have to have been visiting another planet to have missed all the news about climate change, the startling rate at which it is now happening, and the responsibility of the construction industry to accept our role in limiting the impact of our activities. Except of course, as the saying goes, “there isn’t a planet B”.

We know our customers are taking great steps to achieve “net-zero” carbon and doing the right thing in as many areas of operation as they can, and even small measures make a big difference when aggregated.

It’s for this reason that our waterless wheel wash – the DriveOn V-Tech – has become the choice on so many projects. Because it uses no power, it needs no fuel of any kind and so creates no emissions. It also means you can forget about pumps, generators and pressure-washers at your site exits, and you can reduce (maybe even to zero depending on site conditions) the amount of road sweeper visits to your site, further reducing your carbon footprint. And your hire bills as well of course.

We can help you achieve net-zero, and we’d be very happy to do so.

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