EcoGreen Plant Hire was established in 2013 when founders Stuart and Dorothy Southern envisioned a simpler, more environmentally responsible approach to wheel cleaning, avoiding the use of water, power or supervision. This foresight was well rewarded, and since then our Cheshire-based company has expanded steadily. From our humble beginnings, we now cover customers across the entire UK, and have also supplied units for projects as far as the Republic of Ireland

Preventing mud and debris spreading out from construction sites and contaminating surrounding public roads is an ongoing mission for most building projects and waste facilities. We understand that finding an effective solution that’s also practical and cost conscious is not always easy, and that’s why at EcoGreen Plant Hire, we’ve developed a system that ticks all the boxes.

‘Wash’ is a dirty word!

Originally designed to create an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wheel washing, our service offers a flexible and simple to use solution. Here at EcoGreen Plant Hire, “wash” is a dirty word. Our method for wheel cleaning uses a special waterless system that’s incredibly efficient at removing unwanted mud and debris. DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Wash units avoid water waste and watercourse contamination, and use no diesel, making them entirely emission free.

Far easier to install than other cleaning devices, our method of wheel cleaning has been devised to reduce your running costs, with little or no need at all for road sweeper hire. Other savings include no longer requiring a bowser, pump, generator, lance or a man to operate it, as well as no expensive fuel costs to keep it running.

Government legislation insists site managers and environmental officers alike adhere to the strict guidelines put in place to protect the public and the environment from potential hazards. Whether you run a recycling plant, a quarry or a construction site, with our units at work, you can be sure your site is compliant, and can get on with your work worry-free.