Glorious Mud?

It’s been a very wet start to the year – many parts of the country have seen record rainfall and floods, and are still struggling to dry out. It’s had a significant effect on the construction industry with many projects delayed or put on hold.

When those sites are able to recommence one thing they will have to be careful of is preventing the mud they have to deal with from going out onto the road – the Highways Act of 1980 gives local authorities the power to close sites and fine companies (or even imprison individuals) if they contaminate the road at the site exit and create a hazard for traffic.

But – if you use water, either with a traditional wheel wash, or the “man-with-a-lance” approach to the issue, you can actually make matters worse by creating more mud than you started with. A raised grid system – a.k.a a rumble strip – uses no water so can’t make more mud. Also it uses no power, so there are no emissions.

Ecogreen Plant Hire Ltd have taken the principle of the rumble strip and refined it. Our system is made differently, with much narrower bars spaced further apart, it has around 60% less surface area than a conventional rumble strip. This first of all has the effect of creating more vibration and more tyre flex, so more mud is removed. But secondly, it also means there’s next-to-no surface for the displaced mud to fall onto and collect on. Instead, the mud falls through into the void below and can’t either get picked up by following wheels, or clog the system up.

It really does do a good job, reduces the amount of road sweeper needed and in some cases makes road sweepers unnecessary.

We’d be delighted to quote for a waterless wheel wash for your project, please send your enquiry to