All vehicles need their wheels cleaned before leaving construction sites, landfills and quarries to stop them spreading unwanted mud and debris over public roads. While used for many years, water-based methods of wheel washing aren’t always the most effective way of cleaning contaminated vehicles. They can even make site conditions worse when mud and water combine to make a contaminated slurry that can easily spread.

The DriveOn V-Tech dry wheel washer unit is a revolutionary system that involves no water whatsoever. With no working mechanical parts, it’s incredibly easy to use and never breaks down.

Introducing the DriveOn V-Tech unit

This innovative system for wheel washing consists of four specially designed roadway sections that easily connect without any need for nuts, bolts or tools. Engineered with a modular construction, the unit can easily be assembled in less than an hour, or disassembled for periodic cleaning or repositioning as needed. Each roadway section features a grid of cleverly designed bars with every fourth bar a special “V-Tech Bar” that is raised higher by 40mm than the others to provide extra vibration.

The DriveOn V-Tech unit in action

As seen in the video, vehicles exiting the site drive up the ramp and onto the unit. As they drive over the grid at a steady speed, the bars on the grid force open the treads on the vehicle tyres and loosen and remove any mud or contaminants caked inside.

Forced out by the bars, all debris falls safely into a void below the unit. The perfectly designed V-Tech bars work with the centrifugal force created as the vehicle’s wheels move over the grid and provide extra vibration. This reverberation not only unclogs tyre treads, but also shakes loose any additional waste accumulated under the vehicle’s chassis or on its sides.

The system has around 60% less surface area than a conventional rumble strip. This means that there is more vibration and more tyre flex, more mud is removed and it doesn’t sit on the surface, but falls into the void below. This is the key difference between this and any other raised-grid, dry wheel cleaning system available.

As the vehicle exits the unit, it leaves the site free of mud and contaminants, keeping your site compliant with UK law.