The Environmentally Friendly  Alternative to Wheel Wash, Bath and Spray systems

The DriveOn V-Tech is a highly efficient and effective dry wheel cleaning system that uses no water or power.

The cleaning operation starts as the vehicle enters the unit with every 4th bar, “The V-Tech bar” being raised by 15mm on the entry ramp and by 40mm at regular intervals on the road section of the grid. The bars on the grid flex the tyre treads open and closed, loosening and removing contaminants, which drop into the void below. The raised V-Bars, coupled with the centrifugal force of the vehicles wheels driving over the grid, provide the extra vibration to dislodge debris caught underneath the chassis and down the side of the vehicle.

The unit is easy to install, the sections just linking together with no nuts and bolts.

Easily, periodically,  cleaned by lifting the unit, using the lifting points along the sections, and removing the debris with a site based loading shovel or bucket.

A standard DriveOn V-Tech is 20 metres long, comprising 2 x 3 metre on/off ramps and 2 x 7 metre road sections.

We can also offer custom built units for extra length and width.

No Water, No Power, No Breakdowns – 100% performance 100% of the time.