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To comply with UK laws, vehicles exiting quarries, construction sites, waste and recycling plants and other such facilities need their wheels cleaned to prevent them spreading contaminants on local roads in the area. Providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional wheel washing techniques using bath and spray systems, the DriveOn V-tech unit is highly efficient at removing mud and debris from vehicles.

Innovative engineering

The simple yet ingenious design of the DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Washer Unit requires absolutely no water or power whatsoever. Comprised of modular roadway sections that link together simply, the unit consists of a ramp with grid of bars that vehicles drive over when leaving the site. The cleaning operation begins when a vehicle enters the unit. Every fourth bar driven over is a patented “V-Tech Bar” that is raised 40 mm higher than the others and gives an extra jolt to help remove heaver clods of muck.

Effective cleaning power

The bars on the grid have been specially engineered to flex open the treads on vehicle tyres, both loosening and removing any contaminants clogged inside. Forced out, the debris drops easily into the void below the unit. The raised V-Tech Bars work together with the centrifugal force created by the moving vehicle’s wheels driving over the barred grid provide additional vibration. This not only cleans out any muck and debris from tyre treads, but can dislodge any unwanted waste and mud attached to the side of the vehicle and under its chassis.

The system has around 60% less surface area than a conventional rumble strip. This means that there is more vibration and more tyre flex, more mud is removed and it doesn’t sit on the surface, but falls into the void below.

The dry wheel washer units have been designed so that the vibrations that shake debris loose are absorbed by the vehicle’s suspension avoiding any discomfort to its driver.

Efficient at their job, the DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Washer Units have proved highly effective on major construction projects across the UK, ensuring sites are working inside the law and not spreading unwanted contaminants via vehicles leaving their premises.

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