Along with providing an economical and eco-friendly option for wheel cleaning, the DriveOn V-Tech unit is extremely robust and easy to maintain. With no water or power necessary to operate the unit, there’s zero chance of a breakdown, which means you’ll get 100% performance, 100% of the time.

‘Wash’ is a dirty word to us. By cleaning without water, you can negate the chance of water course contamination, having to pay for sludge disposal, or simply just making more mud!

Built-for-purpose design

The durable system has been specifically engineered for use by wheeled vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 50 tonnes. Our units are not suitable for vehicles with tracks however, as this will cause damage to the grid’s transverse bars. The side barriers are developed to keep people nearby safe, not to stop vehicles, so the units should only be entered and exited via the ramp.

The unit has been designed with modular construction, making routine maintenance simple to perform every time. With no nuts and bolts needed, the four sections of a standard unit link together and are easily disconnected or connected when necessary. Not only excellent for occasional cleaning, this construction type allows the unit to be relocated to new positions as your site expands.

Periodic cleaning

The unit requires very little maintenance. Depending on conditions at your site, it may need to be cleaned out periodically. Using a machine on site capable of lifting 1.8 tonnes of weight, each section of the unit can be raised with a four-leg lifting chain attached at the designated lifting points. Any mud and debris that has collected can then be removed quickly with a site-based loading shovel or bucket.

With 60% less surface area than other raised grid cleaning devices, you’ll discover the DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wash Unit doesn’t tend to clog up and exacerbate the problem, making it an easy option to maintain and keep operating at optimum.