An economic and environmentally friendly solution, the DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Wash unit is also very quick and easy to install. This allows you to get your site up and running faster, with an effective cleaning system.

Modular construction

For easy transportation, manoeuvrability and assembly, all our units use a modular construction. Standard units comprise individual roadway sections that link together simply and require no nuts or bolts. The ingenious design not only makes them easy to set up, but very simple to clean when you want to remove a buildup of mud and debris periodically.

A specialist installation

At EcoGreen Plant Hire, we’ve developed a service to save you time and resources. Installing our innovative dry wheel wash units at construction sites, landfills and recycling plants since 2013, we’re experts at setting them up. When you hire one of our units, upon delivery we’ll install the equipment for you, ensuring it’s up and running and ready to work.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason you prefer to install the system on site yourselves, that’s fine and we’ll provide instruction. It is quite straightforward as long as you have a site machine that has 1.8 tonne lift capability – the weight of the heaviest sections.

A smooth and simple installation

The installation of our equipment has been engineered to be a straightforward and speedy process. A typical installation can easily take less than an hour. Custom-built units are available on request providing more length and width if you require them

If your site expands over time and you need to reposition your unit, the modular construction of our DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Cleaning Units also makes them incredibly simple to relocate.

Economical, environmentally friendly and easy, why not contact EcoGreen Plant Hire today to learn more about our innovative wheel cleaning solution?