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“Wash” Is A Dirty Word

Despite the rain, because of changing rainfall patterns and our growing population the UK actually has less water per head of population than many other western European countries, and some areas of the UK are prone to annual water shortages. The construction industry is a big user of water and we need to be careful how we use it.

When sites are muddy, and the mud is being carried off, we need to deal with it – local authorities have the power to close sites down if they’re making a mess of surrounding roads.

So here’s an answer! A man with a lance and bowser at the exit! Really?! Well, quite apart from the cost (lance and bowser hire, the man’s wages, water at approximately £4.85 per cubic meter), consider this.

Q: What do you get if you add water to mud?
A: More, thinner mud!

The tipper in the photograph, sitting in its own mess, will drive off and still create a mess on the road which will then will have to be dealt with by a road sweeper. Which is yet another cost, and more bad news for the environment.

A wheel wash, or as in this case a wheel wash station, isn’t the best way of dealing with the issue. A waterless wheel cleaning system like the DriveOn V-tech can strip the mud from the tyres without using any water and send the tippers out with much less mess, so much less road sweeper hire.

Saves you money, and reduces the impact of your operations on the environment.