At Morrison's, we look to source equipment that is effective, efficient and environmentally sound. As it is our duty to keep the highways around the new bridge clean of mud and debris, we researched wheel cleaning options that were available that would meet the above targets. We decided on the Driveon V-Tech Waterless Wheel Cleaning System, and we are pleased to report that the two systems that we hired for both the south and north sites have worked even better than we originally thought.

Using no energy, carbon zero in operation, and not having to dispose of water, we believe that not only do we have an effective and efficient system, we are also showing cost savings.

David Todd, Works Manager, Morissons, New Forth Crossing

Further to our using your dry wheel wash on site in Ashford I would just like to congratulate yourselves on providing a very useful item of plant, the manner in which it is delivered and the ease involved in actually putting it into use is fantastic, would have no hesitation in contacting you in the future...

Kevin Cowie, Project Manager, Bowmer & Kirkland

We were very happy with the performance of the DriveOn Vtech waterless wheel cleaner. It’s a simple idea but very effective and it’s allowed us to reduce our road sweeper hire costs considerably. And, as our site developed we were able to reposition the unit easily and quickly – within 20 minutes.

Geordie Carrie, Site Manager for Costain Ltd

It’s done a cracking job, I’ll be recommending its use again.

Paul Bootherstone, Foreman, Murphy

We have been using the wheel cleaner for 2 months. Although the first thought was, “is it going to work?” it has been a great asset to this site.

We were paying a road sweeper 10 hours a day at £35.00 per hour and now I get a road sweeper for 2 days a week for 2 hours plus travel so we have saved in the region of £1300 per week on our forecast.

Malcolm Lindsley, Skanska Central and Regions, Senior Project Manager

We hired a DriveOn V-Tech during the groundwork stage of a new a new care home project just off Esher town centre. As we had to exit the site directly on to the main road, it was vital that we kept the road free from mud and debris. The DriveOn unit worked very effectively and we believe that we also made savings, as we never had to hire a road sweeper and there was no water disposal costs.

Greg Layzell, Contract Manager, Longcross Construction Ltd

The (waterless) wheel wash system was an excellent solution to an ongoing problem of site vehicles leaving debris on our site and roads that were in use. After complaints by local residents we installed the dry wheel clean units and found them to drastically reduce muck and debris being transferred to the public highway. I will definitely be looking to use these again on future projects.

James Richardson, Project Buyer, Costain Ltd

The EcoGreen waterless wheelwash worked perfectly for our infrastructure site in Hucknall. We positioned the unit so that it knocked the mud off prior to leaving so there was very little road sweeping to do on the public highway.

We didn’t have access to a suitable water supply here so this was an eco-friendly, efficient solution we will use again in the future.

Ian Jackson, Site Agent, Balfour Beatty

I have worked in the quarrying industry for 37 years, 5 of which have been at Duntilland.

I was forced to seek an alternative wheel wash when ours broke and repair was going to cost £13K. By surfing the internet I came across this alternative that required no water pumping or additional flocculent costs. It has been very successful and only needs cleaning quarterly using a telehandler.

The new system cost was a one off £25K.

The annual running cost of the old system including repair was £26K.

Sandy Fullarton, Aggregate Industries, Duntilland Quarry Manager

I estimate that the DriveOn V-Tech system has enabled us to reduce the need for road sweepers by around 70 – 80% on this project.

Thank you once again.

Andy Palmer, Works Manager, Interserve Construction Limited

We used Ecogreen’s waterless wheel cleaning system on our Evesham project, and to start weren’t convinced it would do the job. But it worked much better than we expected and really helped us cut down on sweepers, so it’s saved us a lot of money and kept our neighbours off our backs.

It was one of the best things we did at Evesham.

Alan Whyte, Senior Site Manager, BAM