Save Precious Water

We’re experiencing a long dry spell and many regions in the UK are at the point of imposing hosepipe bans and other water usage restrictions. Your site is still legally obliged to have wheel cleaning and on the occasional day that it does rain the dust quickly turns to mud, which has to be kept from going out onto the road. A waterless wheel wash doesn’t waste any precious water so will always help you meet your environmental targets (and save money on water bills) , and of course it can’t dry out whilst it’s waiting to be used. Ecogreen’s waterless wheel wash has around 60% less surface area than a typical rumble strip so creates more vibration, more tyre flex, and the mud that is dislodged falls into the void below – it doesn’t sit on the surface and get picked up by following wheels.

Photo by Ross Stone on Unsplash

Static Installation on Windy Hill

Question: How do you install a waterless wheel wash system under high voltage cables?

Answer: Very, very carefully.

The skill of our transport partners in Scotland, McGuire Transport, allowed us to safely install a waterless wheel wash for NRS Group at Scottish Power Electricity Network’s Windy Hill substation at Bearsden yesterday. With hundreds of thousands of volts flowing through the cables above our heads we had to off-load the wheel cleaner and install it using a hiab crane, ensuring that we didn’t exceed a safe working height of just 5 metres.

NRS chose our system partly because the remote site means water isn’t easy to source, but also because it has such a low profile, it is safer for vehicles to cross and keep as low as they can underneath the cables.

The consequences of getting this one wrong would’ve been hair raising….

Gold For Ecogreen

We’re very happy and excited to announce that we have just been awarded Gold Status by Constructionline – the single point of reference for all pre-qualification data for the construction industry that connects buyers with the suppliers they need, and ensures the suppliers stay compliant with all necessary standards.

Ecogreen Plant Hire Ltd were established in 2013 so are a relative newcomer to the industry, but our unique waterless wheel wash system is increasingly popular and our inventory has grown by 800% since we first started to supply. We run a very lean operation, but can deliver to anywhere in mainland UK with 5 days of contact.

We’d be delighted to discuss the wheel cleaning requirements on your construction, aggregates and landfill projects.

The Parliamentary Review…Again!

We’re delighted that our company has yet again been highlighted as a best practice representative in the construction hire industry, for the second year running, by The Parliamentary Review. Maybe we should be looking for an office in Whitehall…?

Waterless wheel cleaning for Llanwern

Bouygues Energies & Services are building what will be Europe’s biggest solar farm at Llanwern in South Wales. The area is reclaimed land, very low lying, wet and environmentally sensitive so all the works taking place have to be done carefully and with consideration to the environment. The massive site has three egress points each of which needed a wheel cleaner to lessen the inconvenience to the local farming and village communities. Bouygues chose our DriveOn waterless wheel cleaning system for its simplicity and for the fact it uses no water, creates no emissions and can’t make more mess.